Citadel on the Move

helps using Open Data to create Mobile Apps that make your city a smarter place to live

    Citadel aims to provide tools for anyone to publish and use open data to easily create mobile apps

    No technical skills required
    Ready-to-use HTML5 mobile applications
    Easily publish spreadsheet data (CSV, Excel, data tables)
    Interoperable and open data format : develop once, reuse everywhere


    There are 2 main ways to use the Citadel tools. We recommend to start by using the tools on the Citadel plateform, which doesn't require any technical skill, and then switch to the Github tools if you want more control on the resulting apps, or want to host your own platform.

    Step 1 : Get and prepare your data

    Prepare a spreadsheet data file for the converter. Check out our sample files, or follow the tutorial to prepare a file.

    Step 2 : Convert your data to Citadel JSON

    Use the Citadel table to JSON Converter tool to convert your CSV or XLS files into Citadel JSON that will be directly usable into your apps. Please check out the Converter tutorials, and FAQ and How-tos if you encounter any difficulty.

    Step 3 : Make your app !

    EASIEST : Use the Citadel platform

    1. Log in to the plateform (you will need to Register first if you don't have an account yet)
    2. Publish your converted JSON files to the Citadel datastore
    3. Use the Application Generator to make it an app ! (see AGT tutorial below for more details)

    EASY : Use the Citadel mobile applications templates on Github

    (see detailed Templates tutorials)

    1. Choose and fork a template - or download it to your computer (see Templates differences and uses below)
    2. Add your converted data into the template
    3. Play with the settings and tweak the template to fit your needs !

    Examples, use cases and stories

    Examples : live applications

    If you have created an app yourself and want to share it on this page, please let us know!

    Use cases


    Samples files and models

    These sample files are used in various cases: some can be used to structure your data, while other require different levels of processing, or can be used directly in the templates. The templates sample files indicates the mandatory and optionnal fields that you need to put into a CSV or XLS file so it can produce a valid and usable JSON file through the Converter.

    Note : if you're experiencing troubles with accents, please check your file is encoded in UTF8.

    Open samples folder on Github

    Ressources, templates and documentation

    Project history and details

    Github ressources

    The mobile application templates

    These templates are meant to be forked and used to quickly deploy mobile applications. They are build on HTML5 and use the Citadel JSON file format. Most templates will work "out-ofthe-box" with none or very few changes. You are encouraged to build application upon them, and of course contribute back your improvements so they can benefit other people. The various templates demonstrate various uses of the mobile applications, and implement several functionnalities. Most templates use static JSON files, but can be set to use live data and/or a database

    The Application Generator Tool (AGT)

    This tool makes it easy to build an app without any technical skill. It is the source code of the tool that is available on Citadel platform.

    The Data converter : converts CSV or Excel datasets to Citadel JSON files that are ready to be used into application templates

    Tutorials and How-tos


    Open the Tutorials page


    Contribute !

    Citadel is always looking for your feedbacks, use case, stories, and to hear about anything that you have made with our tools : please send us your links to your blog posts, mobile applications and other things you've made with Citadel.

    Please use the following channels to get in touch with us:

    Discuss in the Citadel Community

    The Citadel Community is hosted on the Citadel on the Move website as a public ressource and common good. You'll need to create a account to contribute.

    Are you a developper ?

    If you're a developper and have added useful stuff to the templates, AGT or other of our github repos, contributing back is highly appreciated by the team ! Please submit your changes by pushing a Pull Request to the relevant repo, and/or get in touch so we can check with you how your changes could be integratede and benefit the other developpers and Citadel users.

    Also you'll definitely want to see what we have in mind by checking the website and the roadmap, and maybe become a member of one of our teams :)


    We have many ideas to improve the Citadel toolbox, here's our roadmap for the near future:

    Credits and thanks

    Citadel code was funded and opensourced by an european project : see Citadel on the Move website for full details

    Thanks to Font Awesome for the great iconic font used in these pages.